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Jayda Worthy

Episode 13: Meet Jayda Worthy

On this week’s episode of The Blazer Spotlight we had an opportunity to speak with Jayda Worthy. Jayda is a Graduate Assistant Coach for the Women’s basketball team.  She spoke about her journey to VSU, the team’s success at the start of the regular season, and her admiration for the Valdosta community. Enjoy this week’s episode and please make sure to leave a review and subscribe!

Clay Guillozet

Episode 12: Meet Clay Guillozet

Just in time for Friday’s season opener at The Complex, this week’s guest is Clay Guillozet from the men’s Blazer basketball team. Clay, a senior from Greenville, Ohio, sat down with us to chat about the upcoming season, a strange nickname, his days as a star quarterback, and his favorite ice cream flavor. Enjoy this week’s episode, and don’t forget to leave a review and subscribe!

Olivia Rosener

Episode 11: Meet Olivia Rosener

This week, we had the pleasure of learning more about Olivia Rosener, one of our runners on the Lady Blazer cross country team. In our conversation about cooking, running, show dogs, and the allure of the 1950’s, we quickly learned that Olivia is truly a “Jane of all trades”. Don’t miss this week’s entertaining episode!

Paige Taylor

Episode 10: Meet Paige Taylor

On this week’s episode of The Blazer Spotlight podcast, junior soccer player Paige Taylor, AKA “PT”, joins us to discuss the home stretch of the regular season and VSU soccer’s push for the postseason! In addition, Paige lets us in on how she got to VSU, her favorite Halloween memories, and her spirit animal, which might surprise you. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Meet Kenny Moore II

It’s Homecoming 2019 at Valdosta State, and who better to have back home than former All-American and current Indianapolis Colt Kenny Moore II? This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with our favorite NFL defensive back about his influences, his experiences, and a few of his favorite things. Enjoy this special episode of The Blazer Spotlight podcast!

Coach Stephen Andrew

Episode 8: Meet Coach Stephen Andrew

In one of our most entertaining podcasts yet, we had a chance this week to chat with VSU women’s soccer head coach Stephen Andrew. Listen in to hear Coach Andrew talk about his Scottish heritage, the Blazer soccer season so far, and a terrifying encounter with a friend’s deaf cat (!?!). Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!

Jamar Thompkins

Episode 7: Meet Jamar Thompkins

We lucked out with a stroke of fortunate timing this week, which allowed us the opportunity to interview sophomore running back Jamar Thompkins just a few short days after he and his rushing contingent posted a school record 446 yards in a single game! Listen in to hear us go one-on-one with the 2019 Gulf South Conference rushing yards leader!

Blake Justice

Episode 6: Meet Blake Justice

For the better part of the last decade, one name has become practically synonymous with Blazer Basketball. Justice. This week, we sit down with Blake Justice, the man who kicked off the Justice era as a sophomore transfer way back in 2013. Now, he is in a coaching role for the team, and he’s here to tell us about himself, his brother Beau, and the state of VSU basketball. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Meet Kelli Fields

Gameday just wouldn’t be the same without the Red Hots dance team! This week, we had a chance to sit down with head coach Kelli Fields for a behind the scenes look at our seven-time National Champion squad! Tune in to hear more about the rush of gameday, the team’s preparation, how music is selected, and some of Kelli’s favorite things!