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Coach Tommy Thomas

Season 2 Episode 1: Meet Coach Tommy Thomas

We’re back! To open up Season 2 of the Blazer Spotlight Podcast, we went all in with a true Valdosta State legend, former Blazer Baseball Head Coach Tommy Thomas! In this week’s episode, we sat down with Coach Thomas to learn more about the man that led Blazer Athletics to its first ever National Championship. Baseball, bowling classes, and broccoli… we covered it all! Don’t miss this week’s special episode, and make sure to subscribe for new episodes every Friday. GO BLAZERS!

Episode 22: Meet Courtney Albritton Carter

This week’s episode features one of the best student-athletes to ever suit up at VSU, softball or otherwise. Courtney Albritton Carter joins us to reflect on her career as a Blazer and to give us an opportunity to get to know a little more about her. When describing Courtney, former Blazer and dual sport baseball and football player Cooper Lemonds summed it up better than we ever could when he said, “She was unreal. The football team talked about her. The baseball team talked about her. Every other school in the country feared her.” Enjoy, rate, and subscribe! Thanks for listening!

Episode 15: Meet the Hall of Fame Class of 2020

We’re back, and it’s a special edition of The Blazer Spotlight Podcast to kick off 2020, as we welcome the Blazer Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2020 to the show! This week, we’re excited to share stories, comments, and other thoughts straight from six of our eight newest inductees. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Meet Kenny Moore II

It’s Homecoming 2019 at Valdosta State, and who better to have back home than former All-American and current Indianapolis Colt Kenny Moore II? This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with our favorite NFL defensive back about his influences, his experiences, and a few of his favorite things. Enjoy this special episode of The Blazer Spotlight podcast!